Your Weekend in Bath

When you’re thinking of spending a weekend in Bath, you probably have a good idea as to what you would like to do. Perhaps you fancy a trip to the theatre, maybe you would like to dine in one of Bath’s many restaurants, or perhaps you would like to get a taste of Bath’s night life. Whatever you love to do, you can be sure there is something for everyone in this wonderfully historic city.

Before you make any plans to wine and dine on your weekend away, make sure you book a bed and breakfast in Bath in advance as the city can get quite busy. If you book in advance now, you will save any disappointment when you arrive.

Royal Victoria Park

Once you get to Bath, perhaps you would like to stretch your legs after your long journey, if you would, then you’re sure to love a visit to the Royal Victoria Park. This park sprawls an amazing 57 acres, and is home to some fine statues, ducks who love to be fed, a hidden quiet garden and a play area that kids of any age will love.

The Roman Baths Museum

Bath is known through-out the world for its water, and it was the Romans who decided to make good use of it. Explore the museum and see how the Romans bathed in luxury some 2,000 years ago. Learn how they built the baths and made them one of the world’s most intriguing places.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

From world famous high street stores, to those treasure troves down lesser-known alley ways, Bath is home to a vast amount of stores you’re sure to love. If you want to go on a shopping spree, there is no finer place, but make sure you have some money left for your theatre tickets.

Theatre Royal Bath

Here’s a handy tip: book your theatre tickets in advance so you have a seat to watch the show. The Theatre Royal is a very popular theatre that hosts many different shows and concerts through-out the year. Take a look at for details and look for shows that are being performed while you’re in town. If you’re coming to Bath with your children, you may be interested to know there is a children’s theatre known as ‘The Egg’, this is part of the Theatre Royal and has performances through-out the year.

Restaurants and Cafes

Because Bath opens its doors to thousands and thousands of visitors every year, you can be sure is a wide range or eateries serving you some delicious food, regardless of the time of day or night. Search out those little tea shops, eat in one of the best restaurants in town and sample some traditional British dishes that taste as good as they look.

As you can see, there is so much to do in Bath, so make sure you book your bed and breakfast in Bath now, so you can start planning your exciting weekend away in historic Bath. 

By oldadmin on March 24, 2014
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