Wine Tasting Event in Bath

Wine lovers and those wishing to spend a pleasant and unusual evening with friends or loved ones will thoroughly enjoy a visit to the Tasting rooms in the centre of Bath. Since 2002 the Tasting rooms have been offering wine and food evenings to introduce people to different varieties and types of wine in a friendly and informative setting.

Choose between wine and whiskey tasting and allow the mellow atmosphere to help you relax and enjoy your evening. Helpful and educated staff will introduce you to new, favourite and speciality wines or whiskeys and allow you the chance to taste the differences for yourself. Learn more about where each wine comes from, which dishes they complement and how to store different varieties. Educate yourself and your palate to new and rarely found quality wines and whiskey.

Also on site you will find a fabulous shop stocking a huge range of alcohol for every taste and budget. Many of the wines offered are imported directly from exclusive vineyards and are a true taste sensation, offering quality wines and whiskeys from around the globe. Book into our b and b in Bath and be close to all the sights, activities and wonderful experiences that the spa town of Bath offers to all visitors and residents.

By oldadmin on April 27, 2013
Categories: Things to do in Bath