Visit The Roman Baths Museum

Every visitor to the city should make time to visit the Roman Baths. These baths have to be seen to be believed. Around for centuries, the beauty and the sheer size of the baths will take your breath away. Taking 300 years to build, these baths were once considered to be a shrine by Iron Age Britons and the spot was dedicated to the goddess Sulis.

In March 2012, 30,000 Roman coins were found close to the baths, helping to bring the history of this magnificent building and the local area to life, right before your eyes.

Full of visitors through-out the year, the Roman Baths serve as a reminder of the skill, vision and beliefs of the Romans who occupied Britain from 60-70 AD. The museum itself is full of incredible artefacts and tales of those who visited this ancient building that is thought to have been built to the order of Emperor Claudius.

If you’re staying in a bed and breakfast in Bath, you can make the most of your time in the area by visiting many of the Roman remains found throughout the beautiful city that’s been a part of history for centuries.

By Bath news on December 22, 2012
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