Unique Experience of Bath

The spa city of Bath is an amazing place to visit – not only can you find modern amenities and a vibrant and attractive city but you can also escape into beautiful countryside, see the sights and immerse yourself in the rich and varied heritage of Bath. For a truly unique experience book your bed and breakfast in Bath with Bailbrook Lodge and enlist the help of a local guide to allow you to get the most from your Bath trip.

Experience Bath is a local company set up by Jane Hands, Jane is an experienced English teacher with a passion for the city of Bath and surrounding areas. Providing local guides to help you book, plan and enjoy this beautiful city and experience the things that you want to see and do. The Experience Bath service helps you to get a stress free break and take advantage of all that Bath has to offer, making for a memorable stay.

If you love to travel, see the sights, experience entertainment and more but get frustrated by trying to find and book activities then Experience Bath offer a friendly face and quality service at a reasonable price. English language assistance is available if needed and the knowledge of the Experience Bath team can make your stay here hassle free.

By oldadmin on August 27, 2013
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