Tour the City of Bath

One of the best ways to make sure you get to see all the sights is to tour the city of Bath. You may have already decided which museums and other places of interest you’d like to visit, but a tour can make it a little more special. A tour can help you to learn quite a bit about the city of Bath and all that it has to offer, helping you to enjoy your time here just that little bit more.

Once you have booked your bed and breakfast in Bath you should start considering which tour or tours you would like to go on. The great thing about this wonderful city is there are plenty of tours to choose from and you take part in as many as you’d like.

Guided Walking Tours

The guided walking tours you can find in Bath are very popular and each one is different. If you’d rather not follow a tour guide who holds an umbrella up high to let you know where they are, you don’t have to! Come to Bath and experience one of the many wonderful guided tours that will both intrigue and entertain you.

Regency Walking Tours – These tours are wonderful and you will be taken by a few tour guides around the city on a tour of your choice. Dressed in Jane Austen-themed costume these tours will take you to places where Austen walked and how the city influenced her life and her novels.

Treasures of Bath Walking Tour – Why not book a spot on a 2 hour tour that will take you all around the stunning city? Find yourself in well-known parts of Bath as well as those that are a little bit of a secret. If you’re coming to Bath as part of a group you may enjoy the team activities that take place as part of the tour.

Tailored Tours – If you would like the pleasure of taking part in a tailored tour that’s suited to your interest, this is the tour for you. You can be taken wherever you wish and you can enjoy the tour by coach or by car. Don’t follow the crowd and see the sights everyone else does, let your tour be tailored to your interests and your needs.

Jane Austen Walking Tours – For those of you who have come to Bath to explore the world of Jane Austen, you may want to take part on one of the wonderful walking tours. Learn about where Jane lived, where she shopped and how the city influenced her works. Discover some of the locations that appear in ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Northanger Abbey’ and learn a little more about why Bath inspired her so.

Ghost Walks – If you loved to be spooked and hear grizzly tales about the unknown then you’re sure to love the Ghost Walks. Explore the city at night and hear about the ghostly goings-on that will send shivers up your spine and learn about ghosts both ancient and modern.

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