Three points of interest in Bath

The city of Bath has always attracted sightseers, history lovers and those who want to get away from it all and step back in time. With its historic landmarks, cobbled streets and bustling city centre there’s something for every kind of visitor, and just to get you started before a stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Bath we’ve whittled it down to our three favourite points of interest.

First thing’s first – the Roman Baths should be top of your list. They sit right at the heart of this unique World Heritage Site and tell the tale of the city from where it all started.

Number two on our list are the spas of yesteryear the Thermae Bath Spa makes just the place to rest those tired limbs and reflect on what you’ve seen. Things may have moved on a lot since the Romans called Bath home but this spa uses the same natural spring water that they enjoyed.

In third place it’s got to be Bath Abbey. With its stunning architecture, many tales and convenient location this landmark captures everything that makes Bath special, and there are some fantastic seasonal events to attend at this time of year.

By oldadmin on December 10, 2013
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