The top two Bath museums

There are more museums in Bath than you need to visit while you’re here, and they cover everything from the historic to the just plain quirky. We know that a stay in a bed and breakfast in Bath means getting the most you can from your visit without being too bogged down in planning, so here are our top two Bath museums.

The first one’s sure to capture the attention of any ladies, as the Fashion Museum tells the tale of changing fashions through the centuries and holds fascinating exhibitions.

In second place it’s the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. You’ll find this museum on a sleepy street lined with town houses from the Georgian era, and it’s the very spot where William Herschel first discovered Uranus in the year 1781.

The museum has a cosy feel to it and is packed with artefacts and gadgets to boggle even the most inventive of minds. It covers all three floors of the house and there’s even a modest cinema. This is a great attraction for all ages, and there are some engaging displays to make it as much for children as it is for the adults.

By oldadmin on December 21, 2013
Categories: Things to do in Bath