The Remarkable Sally Lunns Museum

Located in North Parade Passage is the Sally Lunns Museum which is reported to be one of the oldest houses in Bath. This building is so old that it still has the original kitchen where Sally Lunn used to bake her world famous Bath Bun and other delicious foods.

It’s thought this house dates back to 1482 and is where Sally Lunn (whose real name is thought to have been Solange Luyon),first introduced the bun to Bath and eventually the world, in 1680. The original recipe is still used today, although many people have tried in earnest to copy it.

The food in the restaurant is superb and it’s definitely worth your while making your way to North Parade Passage and trying it out for yourself. If you’re staying in a Bath bed and breakfast you have no excuse not to eat out so you may as well try the famous Bath bun. Don’t ask for the recipe though because it’s still kept a secret even after all these years.

Experience something special, tasty and historical by visiting Sally Lunns, see where she lived and baked her first Bath bun and unknowingly creating an essential part of Bath history.

By Bath news on January 14, 2013
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