The Movies at Bath

Not only does the beautiful spa city of Bath have a great range of movie venues, it’s also well known as a wonderful place to create great movie masterpieces. Film crews, stars and directors from all over the world have come to realise that Bath offers so much in the way of fantastic scenery, Georgian architecture and more – that they really do love making movies in Bath.

Well known movies such as Vanity Fair (2004) and Dracula (2006) both included scenes shot in Bath and the surrounding areas as have many other blockbuster films and television serials. Explore and see if you can spot places you have seen on the big screen or just take a tour of the gorgeous buildings and facilities open to all. For a map and more information on where some of your favourite movies might have been filmed in Bath take a look here.

From our b and b in Bath you will find a wide range of great facilities, historical icons, entertainment and everything you could ever want from a city break. Bath is simply an amazing place that will leave you with happy memories and wishing to return to this spa city soon.

By oldadmin on May 27, 2013
Categories: Things to See in Bath