The Local Taste of Bath

Tease your taste buds and enjoy some local wonders in a city that is famed for its culinary delights. Bath is renowned as a cultural and historical centre, but also boasts an impressive list of eateries and local delicacies. From cheddar cheese to the famous Sally Lunn’s buns, you can find something to please your food passions in this vibrant spa city.

Why not treat yourself to an afternoon tea, or enjoy a picnic in the park with friends and family? Restaurants and cafes are found right across the city, with a fantastic mix of international cuisine available all year round. You can even find world famous cookery schools in Bath and learn to make fantastic food yourself.

With farmers markets and great pub meals surrounding the area you need never go hungry during your stay, you will be amazed at the gourmet dinners and the quality of food found in Bath. Fresh local produce and seasonal ingredients are found on many menus, or you could just opt for a staple of the English diet – fish and chips, the choice is yours. From your bed and breakfast in Bath you will find all you need close by and easy to find, so why not enjoy a food frenzy in this beautiful city.

By oldadmin on May 29, 2013
Categories: Things to do in Bath