The legend of Bath

You don’t have to have the most vivid imagination to be inspired by Bath…with its historic sites and Roman remains it’s easy to imagine that the myths and legends connected to it have some truth to them – and part of the fun of a stay in a B and B in Bath is exploring them further!

We all know the Roman history that makes Bath so fascinating, but it’s the origins of the area that are steeped in legend. Look carefully at two of Bath’s spas and you’ll find each has a statue of king Bladud – the son of Hudibras. According to folklore, Bladud founded the city of Bath all the way back in 863 BC, after being exiled from court when he showed symptoms of leprosy. He decided to live out his days in the area’s marshes and was cured by the mud there, enabling him to return to court in full health.

He relocated the court to the place that he believed cured his illness and gave it a name – ‘Aquae Sulis’ which translates to ‘Waters of the Sun’. Did Bath’s muddy marshes really cure leprosy? Perhaps we’ll never know, but the legend lives on.

By oldadmin on December 17, 2013
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