The city of Bath in Roman times

The Roman Baths may be one of the country’s most famous attractions today, but behind their looming architecture you’ll find remains that tell the tale of the city long before it became the destination we visit today. Just like many of us book breaks to enjoy bed and breakfast in Bath and some serious pampering, the Romans also made their way to the city to take advantage of its location and impressive baths.

The baths were a crucial part of everyday life in their heyday, and as washing was extremely important to the Romans they would have visited them regularly to enjoy time out and the chance to socialise. The lead pipes that once delivered water to Roman homes were taxed according to their size, meaning for many residents the public baths were the only way they could really take their time and enjoy a good wash.

Visitors would enjoy a dip in the cold, warm and hot baths and the complex also included a swimming area for those who wanted to exercise during their visit. Don’t miss the chance to wander the baths during your next visit.

By oldadmin on January 22, 2014
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