The City of Bath Guides

Whether you’re a regular visitor to the city or you’re determined to tick it off your list of places to see, a stay in a bed and breakfast in Bath means you have a lot to see in what will probably seem like a short time. That said, help is at hand in the form of the City of Bath Guides as they offer a selection of tours designed to show you the very best of Bath – your way.

City of Bath Guides are ideal for those planning to enjoy Bath as a group, as they can provide transport or walking tours. The standard coach tout starts from Avon Street before taking visitors to Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths and then on to Pulteney Bridge. The bridge is one of the world’s most stunning bridges, and it’s one of only a few in the world that have shops built on top of them. It remains one of the world’s most romantic sites, and it’s jus the place to take those memorable photos during the tour.

The tours also include a visit to the Jane Austen Centre, a must for fans of the world-famous novelist who once lives in the city herself.

By oldadmin on November 11, 2013
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