Stone Circles of Bath

Close to the spa city of Bath you can find the largest stone circle in the world – Avebury Stone Circle is a beautiful sight and has been a popular place for visitors and tourists for many years. Many of the stones were re-erected in the 1930’s by Alexander Keiller, a British archaeologist. Alexander Keiller was a man with a deep love and understanding of the stone circles of Bath and also founded the Morven Institute of Archaeological Research, which has since been renamed the Alexander Keiller Museum.

The stone circles of Bath are unique, this is a henge with a difference and inside the circle are a few surprises. At the centre of the circle the pretty and quaint village of Avebury has grown, there you will find a pub, many picturesque houses and a thriving community. As the village has its roots in farming it is not unusual to find sheep wandering around the stone monument and grazing happily.

It is thought that the stones date back as far as 4,500 years and they make for a great day out with family and friends. During your stay at Bailbrook Lodge you will find many exciting adventures and attractions close by. Your Bath bed and breakfast stay will be fun filled and memorable for all of the right reasons so call us today and check our latest availability on 01225 859 090.

By oldadmin on August 25, 2013
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