Step back in time at the Jane Austen Centre

If the rumours that the next Downton Abbey season will be the last have got you feeling a little worried about your weekly does of costume drama then why not immerse yourself in the world of flowing dresses and ladies who lunched with a visit to the Jane Austen Centre?

Set in Gay Street (where Jane actually lived for several months during 1805), the centre is an unabashed celebration of all things Jane Austen, and the exhibition is a must-see for all fans of the famous writer. The centre is home to costumes from some of the most popular TV adaptations of the novels, as well as maps, books and all kinds of other items that tell the tale of the woman behind the novels.

One of the nicest things about the Jane Austen Centre is that being a huge fan of the writer seems to be crucial to becoming a member of staff, so you’ll find them happy to discuss the exhibitions and answer any questions throughout the property. Many fans time their visit to the centre during spa breaks in Bath, and it’s the icing on the cake for those on girlie weekends in the city.

By oldadmin on March 3, 2014
Categories: Things to do in Bath