Rugby in Bath

Bath Rugby Club is one of the oldest and longest running clubs found anywhere in the world. With a history of great games and players, the club still plays a large part in the sporting season and events at the beautiful spa town of Bath. With a well-documented history, fantastic facilities and some wonderfully exciting matches still being played Bath Rugby Club is well worth a visit if you are staying in Bath or surrounding areas.

Followers of rugby enjoy this fast paced game, the atmosphere in the stands and energetic play that makes rugby unlike any other sport. Bath Rugby Club has had its highs and lows over the years but is till home to a dedicated team of plays who enjoy regular matches both home and away. For more details of upcoming matches please take a look at the Bath Rugby Club website.

Go along with friends and family for a fun packed day of sport, support the local team and enjoy a great match played at the top class venue near the city centre. Watching the rugby is a great way to spend time on your spa break in Bath, take your friends and family along and join in with the rugby season in style.

By oldadmin on April 23, 2013
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