Royal Victoria Park

Opened in 1830 by an 11 year old Queen Victoria, Royal Victoria Park continues to be a beautiful setting in the heart of a beautiful city. Stretching for 57 acres, this park has something for everyone and people can be found enjoying the facilities or simply sitting on a bench and watching the world go by, any time of the year.

Home to a boating pond, putting and bowling green, skateboard ramp, tennis court, a golf course and so much more, this park is unsurprisingly popular.  Of course you can always go with tradition and feed the ducks, as millions of people do every year in this beautiful park.

The bedding displays and peaceful atmosphere make the Royal Victoria Park the perfect place to take a gentle stroll all year round. Children can enjoy themselves on the climbing frames, swings and slides before making their way around the park and enjoying all it has to offer. Take a look at the tree carvings and the magnificent statues before taking in the botanical gardens. Royal Victoria Park is perfect for locals and anyone staying for a few days in a B and B in Bath.

By Bath news on December 26, 2012
Categories: Bath Events