People of Bath – Admiral Arthur Phillip

Admiral Arthur Phillip was a British Naval Admiral and administrator of the colonies. Born in 1738 Arthur Phillip joined the navy in 1755, after many successful sea voyages and taking part in the Seven Years War and other campaigns he was promoted through the ranks and became well known within the British Navy.

In 1787 Admiral Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the first fleet of naval ships to Australia from Portsmouth so off he went with 1,450 people in total and eventually landed at Botany Bay. Admiral Phillip journeyed on further and selected a site for the first Settlement, which he named after the British Home Secretary at the time – Lord Sydney. Admiral Arthur Phillip returned to Britain in 1793 after serving as the first Governor of New South Wales for the four years it took to establish the colony.

Admiral Arthur Phillip retired to the spa city of Bath and passed away in 1814, he was buried with his wife in Bathhampton and is still remembered today as one of Bath’s famous residents. Find out more about famous residents past and present during your spa break in Bath. This beautiful city has so much to offer, a rich and varied history and an extremely bright future.

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