Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park is usually referred to as the UK’s number 1 safari and Adventure Park and is truly worth visiting during your stay in Bath. Just a short drive from the city centre and you will enter a world of wild animals, beautiful scenery and amazing sights. The stately home of Lord Bath stands proud in the grounds and is a fantastic backdrop to the animal delights that can be seen around the park.

Tours of Longleat House are also available and you might even bump into Lord Bath himself. This man is a warm and colourful character who has even been part of a television series based on the lives of the animals and people who work at the safari park and house.

From zebra’s to bats, Longleat has something for all ages to enjoy, with animals kept as naturally as possible and educational opportunities are available all around the park which makes learning about animals fun and interactive at Longleat. Book your Bath bed and breakfast and find out what other delights await you in the beautiful spa city of Bath and surrounding areas. You certainly will be amazed at the variety and options available, Bath is a great place for all ages and we hope you enjoy your stay.

By oldadmin on May 17, 2013
Categories: Things to do in Bath