John Cleese Switches on Bath’s Christmas Lights

John Cleese is easily one of Bath’s most famous residents, and, on Thursday 17th November, he’ll be throwing the switch on Bath’s Christmas lights to begin the city’s festive season. The event also marks the start of late night shopping.

The evening begins at 5.00pm and will see Lascel Wood, Bath’s own X-Factor star, perform for the crowd. As the evening goes on, Largo Embargo, Shauna Hutchinson, Gabrielle Aplin, Laura Doggett and Georgie Vale will all grace the stage, along with a performance from Bath Rugby Club and the Stocking Tops, joining forces at last. If that wasn’t enough, famous choir leader Grenville Jones will also be there to get the whole crowd singing carols.

At 6.30pm, John Cleese will appear and Bath’s historic streets will be lit up with festive cheer. If you’d like to be there when Bath lights up, be sure to book a stay in our Bath accommodation for Thursday 17th November.

By oldadmin on November 1, 2011
Categories: Bath Events