It’s almost time for the Bath Fringe Festival

The Bath Fringe Festival is one of the biggest annual events in the region, and this year it’s set to take place from 23 May until 8 June. Bath is a a welcoming city that offers a warm greeting for people from all walks of life, and the annual festival celebrates every kind of art it can encompass – and it’s always fantastic fun.

The festival always attracts some of the biggest names in the world of art and music, but some of the most exciting performances are often by the newer, lesser-known names that use the festival to showcase their work to a wider audience. No matter how much (or how little) you know about the world of art, you’ll find something impressive to enjoy and a new experience around every corner.

The programme is so fresh that it’s still undergoing the finishing touches, but we can assure those planning to attend that it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Make sure you book your accommodation in good time for the festival, and remember that Bailbrook Lodge is a stylish Bath b and b in the heart of the city (they even offer four-poster beds!).

By oldadmin on February 8, 2014
Categories: Things to do in Bath