Iford Arts Festival

The Iford Arts Festival near Bath is a great place to visit during your stay. Imagine 3 months of glorious artistic performances with a huge variety of music all set in the most stunning surroundings and that is exactly what you will find at the 2013 Iford Arts Festival, held just outside of the spa city of Bath.

For the last 20 years the Arts Festival has helped to showcase a broad range of talent and help the community. Run as a charity promoting education alongside high quality musical productions, you won’t find better elsewhere. The Arts Festival is highly acclaimed both locally and nationally and is seen as one of the biggest and best musical highlights held annually in the area.

Enjoy opera, jazz proms and various other concerts at beautiful Iford Manor; where the gardens and surrounding countryside only serve to add to the festival and bring a touch of nature and colour to the whole event. Only a short journey from our b & b in Bath the Festival will be clearly signposted. Book your stay at Bailbrook Lodge today and be a part of this year’s fantastic festival line up where you will be entertained in style. The festival finishes on the 10th August so make sure you book your accommodation sooner rather than later as we can get pretty busy this time of the year.

By oldadmin on August 21, 2013
Categories: Things to do in Bath