Horse World in Bath

Horse World in Bath is a large charity primarily set up to help equines in need and also raise awareness of the problems many horses, ponies and donkeys face. Operating since 1952 the centre has become a major base for rescued and rehabilitated horses from around the country. Supporting education and giving others the chance to learn about horse care are just some of the aims of the charity.

The charity has up to 120 horses, ponies and donkeys on site at any one time and is open 365 days a year for rescues and emergency cases. Supporters of the charity work hard to raise funds, educate horse owners and enthusiasts and bring change to the lives of the many equines they have saved. Many of the horses are rehabilitated and rehomed with knowledgeable owners, although the charity does care for some that are not able to be rehomed.

Visiting the centre will enable you to see the hard work and dedication of the staff, the centre is open to the public 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. Go along and met some of the horses that live there and enjoy a family fun day out. Why not donate and help the charity during your spa break in Bath?

By oldadmin on July 27, 2013
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