Guildhall Market, Bath

For 800 years, Bath has been home to a market and since the 17th century Guildhall Market has stood in Bath and welcomed traders and shoppers alike. This exciting and vibrant market is home to many stalls that have managed to survive the onslaught of supermarkets making their way into the city.

The original market design is still evident although a few alterations have been made to the stalls and shops within the market itself. Having said this, you can still gaze in wonder at the magnificent structure that helps to give the market a real old world feel.

You really can buy just about anything from the Guildhall market and you may be surprised that it’s not just fruit and vegetables sold here but a huge range of clothes, jewellery, food and even hair cutting services. The quality of the goods sold in the market have to be good by law so you won’t be disappointed and you really can find some great bargains at almost every stall.

If you’re staying in a Bath bed and breakfast nearby, you can make the most of the bargains you find by dropping your bags of shopping off in your room, before going back to the market for more.

By Bath news on December 30, 2012
Categories: Bath Events