Glowing Bath in the autumn – a photographer’s dream

It’s hard to put your finger on just what makes Bath so beautiful, but one thing that certainly helped in the local golden stone its designers made use of when they designed the city in the eighteenth century. Carefully selected from local quarries, the stone retains a slightly regal feel to it that only looks more spectacular when the sun sets.

The open top bus tours are one of the best ways to experience the city in all its glory, and if you can catch one late on a sunny day in autumn then you’ll probably see the city at its best. Anyone with a love of photography will be in their element, and the bus tours include access for the disabled and the very latest in sound system technology.

The Bath Bus Company operate tours every day, and visitors are welcome to hop on and off at various points throughout the city. The tours aren’t only a way to experience the city from a different angle, but they include an informative commentary to make sure you don’t miss a thing as you go. Are you planning a visit to a B and B in Bath? Don’t miss the chance to see this city at its most dazzling.

By oldadmin on October 25, 2013
Categories: Things to do in Bath