Getting to Bath

While it’s easy to reach the city of Bath by car, there’s no real need for one once you’re in Bath thanks to the compact design of the city (especially if you stay in a central boutique B and B in Bath like Bailbrook Lodge).

If you travel by train look out for the two-for-one offers available as many of them include money-saving offers on Bath’s family attractions. Speaking of Bath’s attractions, they’re easily reached on foot once you’re in the city and most of them are close to one another, meaning you can see most of the major landmarks within hours of each other.

Bath is only ninety minutes from London Paddington by train, so it’s a great place for a short break from it all when you don’t feel like a long journey. There are open-top bus tours available around the centre of the city from the Bath Bus Company, and visitors can hop on and off and get up to speed on the sights and history of the city with an audio commentary along the way.

If you do decide to travel to Bath by car you’ll find free parking in the grounds of Bailbrook Lodge.

By oldadmin on October 1, 2013
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