Fishing in Bath

In and around the beautiful city of Bath you can find many sports and activities to keep you busy during your spa break. If you are a fishing fanatic or fancy trying your hand at angling then look no further as Bath has plenty to offer for enthusiasts and newbies to this peaceful and serene sport. Whether you are an experienced angler or are just looking for something different for a day out then fishing in Bath is an ideal way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Coarse fishing can be found for free on various parts of the Avon waterways, but do check where with the local tourist information office or a nearby angling club. A freshwater license is required and can be easily purchased from any post office. Brokerswood Country Park has a very well stocked lake for those interested in catching carp, roach and perch. Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park also allows fishing and you can find trout perch and barbel on their stretch of the river.

Bath offers a great opportunity for anglers to take in the sights, spend quality time fishing and enjoy everything this beautiful town has to offer. Book your bed and breakfast in Bath with us and be close to all the amenities and fishing spots galore.

By oldadmin on April 25, 2013
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