Farleigh Hungerford Castle

We all know the history of Bath is a great one and while most people visit Bath to learn how the Romans played a huge part in the city’s history, a lot of them fail to learn about the battles that were fought here in the middle ages and the drama that unfolded in the 14th century.

The Hungerford Lords called the castle their home in the 1300’s and it’s here that many rare paintings and some very interesting tombs can be found. If you’re taking one of the famous spa breaks in Bath, you can learn all about the Romans and their influence of the city but the Hungerford Lord’s story is also a fascinating one.  Murders, executions and more went on within the castle walls and you’ll get the chance to hear all about these tales as you make your way around this beautiful castle.

Farleigh Hungerford Castle stands between Wiltshire and Somerset and is definitely worth a visit. There is an entrance fee but it is get great value for money. Visit the castle and learn all about the Hungerford Lords and how they helped to keep this beautiful part of England coated in history, mystery and intrigue.

By Bath news on January 30, 2013
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