Fabulous Falconry

Bird and nature lovers will adore a trip to West of England Falconry in Bath. Guided hawk walks and flying experiences are available all with informative and helpful staff to educate and enthral you along the way. West of England Falconry is popular with visitors and residents of Bath and surrounding areas because of their dedication and hard work to promote these beautiful and majestic birds.

Be introduced gently to the birds in their care, learn about the ins and outs of keeping birds of prey and the safety aspects you should be aware of, then go watch them fly across the fields in natural settings. The West of England Falconry’s aim to help rescue and rehabilitate many local birds and these people truly love what they do. This is evident when you see the birds flying free and then returning to the falconer’s gloved hand.

For a truly amazing family day West of England Falconry is hard to beat. Enjoy the Spring weather, stunning scenery and lovingly cared for and trained birds that are an absolute delight to watch. Extend your stay and book a b and b in Bath at Bailbrook Lodge and find out for yourself just how much the city of Bath can offer you.

By oldadmin on March 21, 2013
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