Explore the History of Bath

If you love a bit of history and you dream of visiting somewhere that’s steeped in a wide range of historical events, why not explore Bath? This wonderfully historical part of England is full of exciting history that will leave you stunned, amazed and in awe.

What’s more, is if you want to add a touch of luxury to your holiday, why not check out the vast array of spa breaks in Bath, so you can really relax as you learn about this intriguing city? Before you decide to book a break, below you will find a brief hint of Bath’s world-famous history.

The Royal Crescent

If you love to discover the history of grand Georgian buildings, there’s no doubt you will love The Royal Crescent. A row of thirty terraced houses placed together in a crescent, was built between the years 1767 and 1774 by John Wood the Younger. Every house was built with the same façade, but the rear of the houses is quite individual and reflects the character of those who lived and still live there. You may want to pop in to No.1 Royal Crescent as it’s an intriguing museum dedicated to the late 18th century.

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are a fascinating and must-see part of Bath, which will help you to understand why and how this area is steeped in history. 2,000 years ago the Romans bathed in the luxurious waters and left their mark when they built the amazing Baths and left relics and remnants of their life here.

Take a walk around the baths and see for yourself how the water was heated and became an integral part of life for those who called Bath their home.

Bath Abbey

Built over 1,200 years ago, Bath Abbey is a magnificent structure that welcomes thousands upon thousands of visitors every year. Although the Abbey stands tall and proud, the site has been home to three churches since 757 AD, but Bath at last had a church to be very proud of when the current Abbey was constructed in 1499, and became of the very last medieval churches in England. Marvel at the ladders of angels found at the west front, view the magnificent stained glass windows that were once taken out, and enjoy a tour that will take you behind the scenes of the Abbey, and be sure to visit the bell and ringing chamber that has been calling out for over a century.

If you think Bath sounds like your ideal holiday destination, then you should consider booking a holiday as soon as you can. Why not add that touch of luxury and consider taking one of the many spa breaks in Bath, so your time away is a little more special. While you stay in bath you will have the opportunity to completely relax in one of England’s most beautiful cities that’s full of a vibrant and colourful history, making your holiday a truly unforgettable and inspiring one.

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