Explore Jayne Austen’s footsteps

Bath is not only famous for its architecture and scenery, but it also happens to be famous because a certain writer once lived in the area. Jane Austen called Bath her home for a good few years in the 1800’s, and the cities influence upon her played a major part in two of her novels.

If you have come to the area to enjoy one of the many spa breaks in Bath, you may also want to explore Jane Austen’s footsteps and see how she spent her time in the city. The good news is there is ample opportunity for you to explore Austen’s world in all its glory.

The Jane Austen Centre

The fascinating Jane Austen centre gives you a real insight into your favourite novelist’s life. Explore how Austen lived and worked in this remarkable city and learn about the influence it had on her books. See up close the clothes that were worn at the time of Jane’s stay in the area and how Bath looked in the early 1800’s.

Find out secrets about Jane Austen’s life in the city, and learn more about this truly admired young lady whose works still have a huge impact on the world of literature even to this day.

Don’t forget to visit the gift shop so you can pick up a souvenir of your time here. Open 7 days a week during the summer months, the Jane Austen Centre is a must for all of her fans and admirers alike.

Sydney Gardens

Visited by one of the world’s most famous writers when she lived in the area, Sydney Gardens also beckons you. These amazing gardens which were laid out in 1795 cover an impressive 12 acres and are a must-see. With lawns, tennis courts, flower beds and a play area for children, Sydney Gardens will be loved by all.

Situated behind the Holburne Museum which can be found on Great Pulteney Street, these gardens are the oldest in the area. Perfect for picnics and casual strolls, you can almost hear Austen’s footsteps as you take time out from the rest of the world.

The Jane Austen Centre Regency Tea Rooms

If you fancy a nice little something to tide you through until supper, why not visit the Regency Tea Rooms? Found in the Jane Austen Centre, these tea rooms are very popular with those who love to dine the British way. Enjoy choosing from the wide range of teas, cakes and scones while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the authentic and classic atmosphere that comes with spending time in the tea rooms. Chat about what you have learnt about Austen’s life and how this remarkable city made its way into novels that are still loved more than 200 years later.

Take a look out of the tea room windows and enjoy a marvelous rooftop view of the famous and historical city of Bath. The Regency Tea Rooms are a must for any Austen fan who loves the elegance and class that the 1800’s exuded with style.



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