Explore Bath by Foot Part 1

Exploring Bath is something most of us want to do. We want to see all those famous tourist spots and check them out for ourselves. We want to taste some of the local cuisine before talking a stroll in one of the local parks to walk off our big meal. Some people love to go on guided tours and explore Bath that way, but many of us are more than happy to explore Bath ourselves and find out exactly what it has to offer.

Spa breaks in Bath are very popular through-out the year and can become an enjoyable part of your time in the city. Once you have decided where you’re going to stay, you should then think about where you’re going to visit.

The Parade Gardens

The Parade Gardens are delightful gardens that overlook the river and can be found at Pierrepont Street. They provide an ideal escape from the busy city and will really help you to enjoy your time here. Take a look at the bedding displays that are thought to be some of the best in the county and enjoy a picnic on the green by the bandstand. Whatever the weather, the Parade Gardens is a wonderful place to relax and begin your time in this beautiful city.

Bath Abbey

Make your way from the Parade Gardens to Bath Abbey by exiting at Pierrepont Street and heading towards Orange grove. It should take you about 2 minutes to walk to the Abbey, where you will be greeted by the spectacular West View. Learn about the history of this magnificent structure and marvel and the Victorian Gothic architecture that has inspired many.

Why not take part in one of the many tower tours and make your trip to the Abbey a little more special? (Prices will vary).

The Roman Baths

Once you have left the Abbey make your way towards Stall Street and take a left. If you have found yourself in Kingston Parade upon leaving the Abbey, head to York Street. Take a right to Stall Street where you’ll see the Roman Baths in all their glory. The Baths are an incredible tourist attraction and a real sign of how the Romans lived here some 2,000 years ago. You simply cannot visit Bath without seeing the tourist attraction that gave this city its name.

Regency Tea Rooms

You’re no doubt feeling a little peckish after your tour of the Baths, so why not head to the Regency Tea Rooms? If you would like to dine in style then you’re sure to love it here. Exit the Baths onto Stall Street and make your way to Westgate Street. Take a left to Westgate Street and then follow the road around to the right so you’re on Saw Close. Make your way up Barton Street for a few minutes until you see The Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street. Just behind the Jane Austen Centre you will find the tea rooms where you can dine in the style that Miss Austen once did.

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