Enjoy art with a difference at Bath Abbey

Bath’s more classic highlights have been well documented, but we know that there are those days when you just want to see something a little bit different, and stories behind attractions don’t come much more inspiring than this one. Wander past the beautiful Bath Abbey during a stay in a Bath bed and breakfast and take a moment to look on the ground outside – there will probably be art work.

For years, Simon, who creates the drawings slept rough outside the abbey. He eventually started to draw on the ground outside it and his talent soon became apparent. These days, his work is internationally recognised by some of the biggest names in the art world and things are very different for him. One of his still life drawings has recently been displayed in Tate Britain, and despite his huge acclaim you can often see Simon back outside the abbey exhibiting his own work just as he always did.

Likened to the paintings created by the early aboriginals, Simon’s work has made him famous, changed his life and touched thousands of fans, and he hasn’t changed a bit for it. Don’t miss the chance to see his work during a stay in the city.

By oldadmin on January 31, 2014
Categories: Things to See in Bath