Don’t miss Making Light of it in Bath

Making Light of It celebrates the science of light during the eighteenth century, and the developments in the field that took place in an unassuming building in Bath. The Herschel Museum of Astronomy at 19 New King Street illustrates the role of light throughout the Georgian home and its latest exhibition pays homage to William Herschel’s pioneering work on infra red, telescopes and the sun.

The street may look unassuming but it was just a few doors down that Herschel first discovered infra red as he worked in his private workshop, so expect an exhibition that will have you viewing Bath’s history in a whole new light (sorry, we couldn’t resist). The collections illustrate the art and science that sought to find out more about light during Herschel’s time, and it demonstrates just how much we take for granted in our homes today.

The museum brings the subject of light in the Georgian home to life for all ages, and the family trail helps children to enjoy their visit as much as the adults. The museum is also home to light-themed works by local artists and craftsmen during the exhibition, so this is an event well worth a visit during spa breaks in Bath.

By oldadmin on October 7, 2013
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