Discover beautiful Castle Combe from Bath

Ok, so you’re never going to be short of attractions to visit and sights to enjoy during a stay in a B and B in Bath but it’s always nice to venture a little further and see what there is in the local area during a getaway too.

Castle Combe is just 12 miles from Bath but it feels a world away from the bustling city and it’s like stepping back in time. Hailed as one of England’s most beautiful villages, the Cotswolds village of Castle Combe is all about winding rows of historic cottages – and it played a huge role in the recent blockbuster ‘War Horse’.  In fact, the picturesque nature of the village has also seen it appear in ‘Stardust’ and ‘Doctor Doolittle’ so film fans should expect to see plenty of sights that they recognise from the big screen.

This is the perfect opportunity to snap some photos of traditional Cotswolds-style cottages, and as many date back for several centuries they’re regarded as ancient monuments. If you’re staying in Bath you’ll no doubt love to discover history, and it’s everywhere you look in this sleepy location. Look out for the names of the cottages too as they often tell a tale about the residents of the Middle Ages (you’ll see names such as ‘Weaver’s Cottage’).

By oldadmin on September 14, 2013
Categories: Things to See in Bath