Cultural Experiences of Bath

Bath has a cultural heritage that goes back some 2,000 years when the Romans decided to make this wonderful part of the world their home. As well as being steeped in both Roman and Georgian architecture and culture there are other aspects of Bath that culture lovers are sure to enjoy.

Once you’ve booked your b and b in Bath it will be time to start planning your time in the city. We think the suggestions you’ll find below will help you to make the most of the cultural experiences Bath has to offer so you can enjoy your time here just that little bit more.

The Balmy Kitchen

If you would like to learn how to cook some English dishes or indeed a wide range of other dishes then you need to head to The Balmy Kitchen. Using locally produced food, you will learn how to cook some very tasty meals, and you’ll get the chance to eat them too. International visitors may find learning about the cultural aspects of eating in England both fascinating and useful. Prices start at £50 per person (Correct at the time of writing) and sessions last for approximately four hours. Ideal for the whole family, as a gift for a friend’s birthday or simply as a holiday treat, the Balmy kitchen is the ideal place to learn how to cook a wide range of dishes.

Found at 4 Kensington Place, The Balmy Kitchen will add a unique yet fascinating twist to your time in Bath.

Jane Austen Walking Tours

Every year thousands of Jane Austen fans come from all over the globe to visit Bath and see where Austen lived and worked. Because this city had a huge influence on her works, Austen fans have the pleasure of visiting the places where she once worked and spent her leisure time. There are a wide variety of tours available, and there’s even a museum that’s just waiting for you to visit it.

Tours take place outside K.C Change which is found in the Abbey Church Yard and at the time of writing prices start from £8 per person.

The Fashion Museum

If you love nothing more than to take a look at a wide range of fashions, you’re sure to love the Fashion Museum. Found at the Assembly Rooms on Bennett Street, the museum is truly one of a kind. Here you will have the chance to view a wide range of designs that help to celebrate some 50 years of Bellville Sassoon as well as outfits that have been worn by the Princess of Wales, and other notable people.

Entry to the museum is free and is ideal for anyone who considers themselves to be fashion conscious or simply loves to see what celebrities once wore. You don’t have to be the world’s biggest fashion enthusiast to enjoy spending time in this remarkable museum as you’ll have the chance to see a wide range of fascinating clothes and styles that people wore many years ago.

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