Come and see the work of the Arena Photographers in Bath this winter

There’s a very special exhibition on display at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, and it’s centred on the award-winning work by the Arena Photographers. The exhibition is a fascinating event, and it encompasses a wide range of photographic techniques, angles and interests. You’ll see everyday scenes from busy streets, to peaceful landscapes and still life – there’s a piece for every type of art lover and the exhibition is inspiring.

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge, and it’s held in the hospital’s main corridors. Not only does this setting add a poignant dimension to the exhibition but it also makes it one of the country’s most accessible galleries.  If you’re staying in a bed and breakfast in Bath and fancy doing something a little different then make sure you drop in and admire the work.

There will also be work by Karen Wallis on display, and she captures the world of the everyday from her own unique perspective. The exhibition is accessible every day of the week, between 8am and 8pm. So, whether you start your day exploring with a visit to the hospital or pop in on your way back from a busy day exploring, the exhibition is a moving and memorable event.

By oldadmin on November 28, 2013
Categories: Things to See in Bath