Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bath

There are so many romantic spots to visit in Bath that we wouldn’t have enough space to list them all here, but the historic city is something of a magnet for lovers keen to stroll its streets and enjoy time out together. If you’re stuck for a way to make this Valentine’s Day extra special why not book a b and b in Bath and start planning ways to explore the city as a twosome?

We’ve even lined up a couple of tips to make your plans go smoothly, and first thing’s first – make sure you book in advance. Bath’s a popular choice even when people aren’t feeling all slushy, and rooms book up fast as February approaches. Now for the practical note, wear comfortable shoes. We know that this is the kind of trip where all bag space is taken up by glamorous outfits and everything you need to be wined and dined, but trust us, those cobbled streets that make Bath so special feel a whole lot more romantic when explored in flat shoes!

That said, one of Bath’s biggest charms is that it’s compact and easy to explore on foot, so if you’re happiest strolling a city hand in hand then it’s perfect…enjoy.

By oldadmin on January 19, 2014
Categories: Things to do in Bath