Bus Tours in Bath

One of the very best ways for you to see all that Bath has to offer is to take a guided tour. If you’re not one to follow a tour guide around the city, you may want to jump on a bus and enjoy a more relaxing tour.

Jump on a bus and let someone else do the hard work while you hear and learn about the history of the city of Bath. Adult tickets at the time of writing are £14 each, but prices are subject to change, what isn’t subject to change is the fun you’re sure to have on one of the great bus tours in Bath.

The Buses

The buses used on each and every tour come fully equipped with disabled access. This means those in wheelchairs are able to enjoy the tour too. What’s more is each bus has a great sound system which means you can all enjoy learning about the city as you travel around.

Open Top

When the weather’s good you may want to make use of the open top deck and see Bath from a new level. If you don’t wish to climb the stairs or you’re not keen on height then relax and enjoy the tour from the lower deck. The bus is very comfortable to travel on and the driver will ensure your trip is an enjoyable one, no matter what the weather’s doing.


Each of the buses has been fitted with a very special commentary system which means those from abroad can listen in to the tour information. Available in English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Cantonese and Mandarin just about everyone will benefit from a grand tour of the city and learn about its fascinating history and architecture.

The City Tour

The city tour will take your around 17 different locations including the Spa, Botanical Gardens, The Jane Austen Centre and more. You can hop off the bus at your desired destination and hop back on again when you’re ready to go elsewhere. Why pay for a taxi or wear down the leather on your shoes if you can hop on a bus?

The Skyline Tour

The skyline tour takes you to 21 different places and it also comes with a few discounts to some of Bath’s most popular attractions. Some of these attractions include The Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Prior Park Landscape Garden, No. 1 The Royal Crescent and many more. As with the city tour you can hop off the bus at your desired destination and hop back on again when you’re ready to go elsewhere.

Tour Tickets

Tickets for the various tours are available from the Bath Spa Railway Station and prices may vary. Try to book your tickets in advance if you can so you avoid disappointment.

A bus tour is a wonderful way to see the sights while you learn a little bit about the history of the ancient city of Bath. Make sure you book your bed and breakfast in Bathsoon and then think about which bus tour you would like to hop on.


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