Beckford’s Tower

Beckford’s Tower might have been one man’s whim but it has become an important landmark in the spa city of Bath and is loved by many people. Standing a total of 37 metres tall the tower was designed by Henry Goodridge and was built in 1827 for William Beckford, a resident of Bath. Beckford was a writer with a lot of character and this neo-classical tower represents his interests very well.

The tower has many stunning features and has had a varied history, used originally by Beckford as a library and retreat where he would spend his days reading or watching the shipping channels in Bristol through a strong spyglass. The highest part of the tower is a gilded belvedere and today you can see many wonderful pieces of furniture, works of art and objects from William Beckford’s life in the tower which has been opened to the public as a landmark of special interest.

Just one of the many interesting landmarks found in the city, Beckford’s Tower is worth visiting during your spa break in Bath. Climbing the spiral staircase will give you a magnificent panoramic view of the city and surrounding areas so don’t forget to take your camera. For many more ideas and inspirational places to visit please keep reading the Bailbrook Lodge blog to help plan your ideal Bath holiday or call one of our friendly receptionists’ on 01225 859 090 with any questions.

By oldadmin on August 17, 2013
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