Bath’s Spa History

Bath as a spa city has a long and interesting history, which tells the tale of years past and the people who lived in and around Bath at those times. Bath or Aquae Sulis as it was known in Roman times has for centuries been the place to “Take to the waters” or enjoy the hot mineral spa’s that bubble up from the earth in the city.

As an important city for trade, industry and the local people Bath has seen some extremely prosperous times across the years and evidence of this can still be seen today. With stunning Georgian architecture, Roman ruins and bathing houses that can still be seen, a wealth of artistic pursuits and the most stunning countryside; Bath definitely has a lot to offer to everyone.

Delve into the past, visit places of old, and marvel at the design and innovative building methods that have been used. Learn why the spa city of Bath has been such a large attraction for many years and enjoy the new experiences that can be found there. A trip to beautiful Bath will leave you with fond memories and a stay at our lovely bed and breakfast in Bath will allow you more time to explore.

By oldadmin on March 20, 2013
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