Bath’s Guided Walking Tours

If you want to learn about the history of Bath as you explore the city, then you might want to think about taking part in one of the many guided tours that take place every week.

Bath Parade Guides can offer you a two hour or a half day tour that will take you around the beautiful city and there is no better time than when you are enjoying a B and B Bath break.

Each tour will take you to Bath Abbey and teach you about its history letting you in on some exciting secrets. You will also learn about the different architecture and building methods that have been tried and tested for centuries.

Follow Jane Austen’s footsteps and make your way around the city as you hear about her remarkable life and how Bath helped to shape her work.

Learn about the many different artists and playwrights that once called Bath their home. See their paintings and discover the stories behind them.

Each guided tour is given by a highly trained expert who can answer all your questions about the area while teaching you something special about the city, its former inhabitants, its present inhabitants and the reasons why it attracts millions of visitors on spa breaks in Bath every year.

By Bath news on December 27, 2012
Categories: Bath Events