Bath’s Botanical Gardens

Situated at the north side of the Royal Victoria Park in Bath, the Botanical Gardens is a great escape from the busier and bigger park that hundreds of people visit each day. Although there are a few signs pointing towards the gardens, most people tend to stay away as they’re happy to amble along the bigger park and enjoy the scenery.

If you fancy sitting somewhere smaller and quieter than the botanical gardens is a must-visit spot. You’ll love the wide range of flowers, trees and shrubbery but you’ll probably love the reasonably tame squirrels a little more. These gardens are so quiet that people have been known to take a brief nap here after their long walk around the town.

Beautiful any time of the year and surrounded by elegant wrought iron gates, you’re sure to enjoy visiting Bath’s Botanical Gardens. If you’re on one of the many spa breaks in Bath, you’re probably looking to do quite a bit of relaxation, and this is definitely the ideal spot. Walk along the windy paths, enjoy the quiet and sit and relax on a bench and watch the squirrels pass by as you start to unwind and enjoy all the gardens has to offer.

By Bath news on February 1, 2013
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