Bath Spa Breaks and the Thermae Bath Spa

The city of Bath is renowned worldwide as a special Spa break destination. So it’s no wonder that so many people enjoy many of the Bath Spa breaks that are on offer to visitors looking for a relaxing break.


It’s well known that the therapeutic waters were enjoyed by the locals before the Romans arrived in ancient Britain. The Romans were so taken by these naturally occurring heated underground waters, they wanted to capture them and in turn construct the purpose built Roman Baths which still stand today and are open for visits by the public.

In contrast, next to the old Roman Baths today, is the modern looking and styled “Thermae Bath Spa”; it is a combination of the historical spa and a contemporary building. The Thermae Bath Spa offers visitors a tranquil and therapeutic Spa experience and if you venture up onto the rooftop pool you can see beautiful panoramic views of the city and much of its Georgian architecture.


By Bath news on September 25, 2011
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