Bath on TV

Want to know more about Bath than you can learn at the usual family attractions? Then check out Bath on TV. Bath on TV creates professional films on Bath’s events, personalities and businesses, and with new videos uploaded to the website ( regularly makes for interesting watching on a diverse range of subjects.

Whether you’re planning your next stay in a bed and breakfast in Bath or you just want to keep up with what’s been happening throughout the city, this is a quick and easy way to keep on top of it all. If you rate your skills with a video phone you can submit your own video to the website too, and you never know – your experience of a break in Bath may just make it onto the website. The unique website covers all kinds of topics, from charity events to how the city’s latest freshers are getting on, and even if you visit when you can but like to see what’s been going on in between the website is great fun.

We’re all used to seeing Bath’s architecture as the backdrop for costume dramas and films, but this explores the city from a whole new perspective.

By oldadmin on December 29, 2013
Categories: Bath News