Bath itinerary suggestions

One of Bath’s biggest charms is that it’s an easy city to visit. We don’t only mean in that it’s very compact and easy to wander on foot, but it’s also easy to reach. If you’re thinking of trying one of the many spa breaks in Bath then why not take the opportunity to see more of the country at the same time?

Thanks to its strong public transport connections with London, many explorers choose to do both cities in one trip, and one of the advantages is that they’re so different. There’s a quaint feel throughout the city of Bath that makes it easy to relax and enjoy things at your own pace, and some of the region’s finest attractions are just a short drive away for those days when you want to venture a little further afield.

With Stone Henge an hour’s drive from the centre of the city a stay in Bath is also a great excuse to take in one of the world’s most mysterious and infamous landmarks. This World Heritage Site is well worth visiting during a stay nearby. If you’re travelling to Bath by car bear in mind that you’ll enjoy free parking when you stay at the elegant Bailbrook Lodge.

By oldadmin on January 29, 2014
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