Bath Abbey

Bath is an incredibly beautiful city attracting thousands of visitors every month thanks to the popularity of spa breaks in Bath but they also come to take a look at the grand architecture that never fails to impress.

Bath Abbey is a beautiful structure and it was originally founded in 1499 with the building work finally being completed in 1611. The history of the building dates back to Anglo Saxon times and it is thought that Christians worshipped on the site in the 8th century. Bath Abbey has therefore survived many battles and is full of stories of kings and queens that will make your hair stand on end. The Abbey is also full of different architectural influences and designs which makes it a truly worthwhile visit.

The Cemetery is a very peaceful place but you won’t find it attached to the Abbey; you’ll have to make your way to Widcombe where it can be found on top of a hill. If you make your way to the cemetery and take a look down at the city of Bath, you will see some outstanding views – perhaps one of the very best there is.

By Bath news on December 21, 2012
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