Bath, a Beautiful City

Bath is a stunningly beautiful city that has been part of British history for centuries. Just about everyone who visits Bath will make time to see the Romans Baths and Museum, but not everyone has visited the chocolate museum or the Royal Crescent.

The architecture and the grandeur of the city help to set it apart from many others and make it one of the world’s most beautiful vacation destinations. But it’s not just the beauty that brings millions of visitors in every year; it’s also the fascinating history and the changes that have shaped the city itself.

Bath Abbey has seen many changes in its time and different styles of architecture can be found within the walls. The graveyard that sits atop a hill tells many tales as does the Original Theatre Royal and Masonic museum that can be found in Old Orchard Street. This fascinating building was a theatre, then a catholic chapel before becoming a masonic lodge.

It’s clear for any visitor to Bath to see there is a lot more to the city than the traditional spa breaks in Bath. But the spa breaks brings thousands of people to the beautiful city every month and help to keep the tradition of what the Romans started, alive.

By Bath news on December 24, 2012
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