Alternative Tours around Bath

There are a lot of different tours around Bath, the kind you’ve probably been on before, but there are also some alternative tours. These tours are different from the ordinary tours you can expect and are a lot more exciting than you would imagine.

Don’t follow the crowd and be stuck on a tour with a bunch of strangers, book your place on one that’s quite unusual but will help to make your time in Bath an unforgettable one. Remember to check the price of the tour before you set off, and make sure you take suitable footwear and jackets with you if it looks like rain.

Here are some of the alternative tours you might be interested in:

Walk and Draw Bath

If you’ve come to Bath to enjoy a bit of a luxurious time away you’ve probably booked one of the many spa breaks in Bath. If you want to add a touch more luxury to your time here you might want to think about embarking on a Walk and Draw tour. There’s no need to bring your own equipment as it will all be supplied as you make your way around some of the best and lesser known parts of the city.

Meet outside the Mangia Bella Deli Café in St James’ Square or the Society Café in Kingsmead Square. Rather than taking a camera to help you remember your time here, you will have the chance to paint or draw many wonderful sights and brush up on your skills.

The Comedy Walk

If you love a bit of a giggle then you might want to book a place on the Comedy Walk known as ‘Bizarre Bath’. This tour will have you in fits of laughter as you learn about the lighter side of Bath. Don’t worry, this is a tour that’s suitable for everyone and is sure to appeal to you too. The city of Bath may have a somewhat traditional and serious image, but there’s a funny side to it too.

Meet outside the Huntsman Inn at North Parade Passage at 8pm and be prepared to spend one and a half hours laughing.

Vintage Classics

Just outside the city of Bath is a little place called ‘Vintage Classics’ here you can hire a car to take you on a tour. Choose from and Audi Quattro Turbo, Alfa Romeo GTV, E-Type Jaguar and many more. Experience the wonderful city of Bath at a whole new level and enjoy driving around in a classic car that will help to make your time here an extra special one.

Razorcat Tours

If you absolutely insist on travelling around Bath in style then you’re going to love the Razorcat Tours. Experience a trip around Bath on the back of a chauffeur driven trike and enjoy the thrill that it has to offer. If you’re a bit of a daredevil and you don’t want to see the sights on foot, this is the tour you need. There are currently a lot of different tours to choose from which will help those on any budget and make your visit to this wonderful city quite a thrilling one!


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