3 Things you HAVE to do in Bath

There is a lot on offer in Bath, and although this is a good thing, it can be hard to know where to start exploring. Bath is full of world renowned attractions and sites, so surely there must be something for everyone here? The good news is there is, but, there are 3 things you simply HAVE to do in Bath, and they are:

Take a Trip to the Royal Victoria Park

One of the first things you need to do once you have booked your Accommodation in Bath is to take a trip to the Royal Victoria Park. This Park spans an incredible 57 acres and is a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Open since 1830 the park really has something for everyone and is a nice break from busy city life. If you have come to Bath with your young family you’ll be pleased to know your children will love the play area and will wear themselves out in no time at all.

No matter what the weather seems to be doing, you’ll find Royal Victoria Park to be a joy to visit. Take a slow meander around, and admire the statues and flower beds. Don’t forget to feed the ducks or take a trip on the boating lake if you dare!

Visit the Roman Baths

No trip to Bath is complete without a visit to the wonderful Roman baths. These baths are the reason why the city has its name and it’s also one of the reasons why people come from all over the world to see the city for themselves. The Roman baths date back thousands of years, yet they are still in working order today.

The baths were created so the locals could bathe and socialize, while making use of the 42 degree water that still finds its way into the baths to this very day. The baths are just incredible and are a true testament to the skills and the abilities of the Romans who lived and worked in the local area 2,000 years ago.

Visit Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is a must-visit for anyone who decides to spend time in the city. Although the Abbey has not been the only church on the current site, it is thought to be the most magnificent. Founded in 1499 the Abbey is known to be one of the last medieval churches in the whole of England, and is an absolute pleasure to visit.

There are many tours taking place every single day in the Abbey, so if you get the chance to take part in one then you really should. Please note the tours come with a charge, prices can be found at bathabbey.org. Not every tour is the same, and some can be quite special including the Tower Tour which offers you a glass of champagne and a remarkable view of the city. This means you can add that extra touch of magic to your time here and make it even more special than you imagined.


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